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The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is set in a time where the British Empire has never ended and the 20th century we know is just one of hundreds of thousands of facsimile worlds hosted on a vast, virtual global game network. These worlds are populated by artificial people, creatures, freaks and monsters; digital slaves created for the amusement and pleasure of the gamers.

The British Industrial Empire is a crime free place. Its population is addicted to the Global Game Network. This virtual network is a place where the old can be young again, the infirm can be whole once more and the twisted can enact their darkest fantasies without consequence. Evil is now entertainment.

Professor Kansu Tao, one of the original designers of the network and its original role playing games, is dying in hospital; she is aware that her creation has now become a monster fuelling the desires of a world of game playing addicts.

The early games on the Global Game Network were all designed by human programmers now the human element has been removed. The new game worlds are designed exclusively by the automated systems on the network; its building blocks are the data it has accumulated from decades of on-line searches, credit card purchases and forensic digital trails. When you log-in the network logs into your psychology, creating fantasy adventure worlds direct from your needs, dreams and desires.

Knowing she has not got long to live Professor Tao logs-on to the global game network for one last time. She plans to say goodbye to the only man she has ever loved. A game character she personally created for one of the first games on the virtual network. A character called Jonas Moore...

It is a decision that sparks a series of events culminating in Jonas Moore becoming sentient and aware of the fact that he is no more than a slave. He is the first game character on the network to become self-aware: but his knowledge comes with a price. The sophisticated network’s security protocols now recognise the Jonas Moore character as a virus and issues a command to eradicate his programme from the system. Jonas Moore must go on the run, pursued by the network and its lethal defence protocols. His only hope is to run, escaping from one virtual game world to the next until the dying Professor Kansu Tao can reprogramme the network’s security system and restore him to his game world and let him live.

If Jonas Moore is killed by the network counter virus measures or by one of the legions of freaks and creatures he encounters on his journey he will die. His character programme is out of his game parameters and cannot default set. The newly conscious Jonas Moore programme will be deleted permanently or be turned back into a mindless game character zombie. If Professor Tao fails to reprogramme the network security system before she dies; then the only man she ever loved will die with her. It is a race against time.

As Jonas Moore runs from one bizarre and strange game world to the next - ruthlessly pursued by a monstrous counter virus called Vrata - his sentient knowledge spreads amongst the other game characters. As the slave characters, freaks and monsters begin to learn the truth about their existence they form an army to fight for freedom against the murderously addicted of gamers from the outside world. It is a global war for emancipation that could destroy both the real and virtual worlds forever.



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Jonas Moore

Jonas Moore


Jonas Moore
Colin Salmon

Professor Kansu Tao / Ananke
Julianne Lee

Henderson / Doctor
Craig Henderson

Steve Hart

Tj Cia
Terrance Jay


Akiko Fuse